Hello lovely artists,
we need you!

We’re back from a 10 year break, ready to raise money for Movember using art.

What on earth is
the gallery of mo?

The Gallery of Mo is a way for non-moustache-growers to join in and support Movember. Simply make a donation, and one of our talented artists will create a portrait of you, adding a rather splendid moustache.

Each artist has their own style and requested donation amount, so there’s something for everyone.

Sweet! Wait — What's movember?

Every November, thousands of men around the world grow a brand-new beard or moustache to raise money for Movember, the leading men’s health charity.



Are you a professional artist/illustrator/sculptor, or do you love being creative in your spare time? If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to donate some of your time to illustrating portraits, we’d love to have you on board.

There’s no limit to the portraits you must create — it's totally up to you. You set the number of requests you can do. If you're too busy then you can freeze new portrait requests, then turn them on again when you’re ready.

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What's in it for me?
A warm glow

You’ll be using your talents and skills to help raise money for a worthy cause.


No, you can’t pay bills with exposure — but we’re hoping to get lots of traffic to showcase the many talented artists signed up. You'll also have your own profile page where you can link to your personal website, shop, and socials.


We'll activate the site in October time and close it in December. Within that time, you’re free to do as many or as few as you like.

The stats...

We've had quite a break, but we think the world is ready for the return of the Mo’trait. The original Gallery of Mo ran for four years and raised a huge amount of money and awareness.







Ready to sign up?

First, you're a bloody legend! Second, we've made it dead simple to sign up. Just pop your email address in here, and we'll create an account for you.

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